Consulting services

Today, many companies are pushing for the digital transformation of their business to attract new forms of customer service, new customers and further development.

Digital transformation needs to build on the strengths of traditional businesses while embracing new challenges. This process requires rapid and extensive activities, including accurate understanding of the current situation, analysis of challenges, verification of technical feasibility and establishment of practical systems. In this process, it is necessary to study how to use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to realize digital transformation quickly and effectively.

However, there are many challenges in the actual digital transformation of enterprises, resulting in slow progress.

These challenges mainly include:

The purpose of deploying digital transformation is unclear

Not sure how to change previous methods

Do businesses have a general idea that they want to change the status quo, but don't know how to achieve it

Enterprises can not imagine the effect of the transformation

To solve these challenges quickly and efficiently, it is not easy for enterprises to rely only on their own human and resources. The company's technical consulting team, composed of professors, doctors and senior engineers with rich development experience, has a high level of digital technology development capabilities, and can meet the challenges faced by these customers.

The company's systems consulting services are provided by experts with extensive knowledge of computer science and the latest digital technologies, providing strong support for client enterprises to implement the solutions they need to enter the new business phase.

Consulting services

Technical consulting

Listen to the problems of customers, based on customer's vision and areas of interest, survey technology present situation and the background information collection, analysis of structural optimization. On this basis, based on our past experience, using advanced technology such as AI, IoT put forward reasonable solution.

Listen to customers' problems, investigate and collect technical status and background information based on customers' vision and areas of interest, and conduct structured optimization analysis. On this basis, based on the company's rich experience in the past, the use of AI, IoT and other advanced technologies to propose reasonable solutions.

Problem analysis

According to the customer's business content, analysis the technical subject, based on the global field of vision, looking for technical solutions, of which did not exist off-the-shelf solutions to technical problems, puts forward the innovative solutions.

According to the business content proposed by customers, analyze the technical issues, look for technical solutions based on a global perspective, and propose innovative solutions for the technical problems that do not have ready-made solutions.

Validation of key technologies

The key technology of solution is feasible, and indeed need to advance, this is the key to ensure the solution is feasible. The company team has extensive practical software development capabilities and algorithm constructing ability, can in a short period of time on the key techniques for the implementation and verification.

The key to ensuring that the solution works is to verify that the key technologies in the solution actually work. The company's team has extensive software development capabilities and practical algorithm construction capabilities, and is able to implement and verify key technologies in a short time.

The development of implementation

The company team to in a short time, high efficiency, high quality system development. To fully developed system of testing and verification, to complete the delivery of customer satisfaction.

Our team is capable of efficient and high quality system development in a short time. After adequate testing and validation of the developed system, customer satisfaction is achieved.

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