Intelligent transportation system

Urban rail transit signaling system

Urban rail transit (metro) is developing vigorously in large and medium-sized cities in China and has become an effective way to solve urban traffic congestion. To ensure the normal operation of rail transit, the core is the signal system, which has very strict requirements in reliability and security.

Signal system is also called ATC (Automatic train Control system), it includes microcomputer based interlocking system (CBI), automatic train protection system (ATP), automatic train driving system (ATO) and automatic train supervision system (ATS). Interlocking system can ensure the correct logical relationship between train occupancy, switches and traffic light signals in the track interval. The automatic train protection system can ensure the safe running interval and safe running speed of the train, and ensure that the train can take emergency braking and other protective measures in time when all kinds of abnormal situations appear. Automatic train driving system can automatically control the operation and running of the train according to the set speed and driving plan. ATS can supervise and dispatch the train operation of the whole line and make the train operation plan in the central dispatching room.

In cooperation with listed enterprises, we have jointly developed CBTC (Train control system based on communication) urban rail transit signaling system, which has passed the international safety certification of all subsystems for the first time in China and has been successfully applied.

Fail-to-safe computer

In rail transit, aerospace, nuclear power plant, petrochemical and other key fields, the failure of the system will lead to serious consequences, will make people's lives and property and the environment suffer heavy losses, the control system in these fields must be very high reliability and safety system, become a safety critical system.

For safety critical system, based on the general industrial control computer is unable to achieve, because any device, software and hardware may fail, need to use specially designed fail-to-safe computer.

The CEO of our company is the only professor who open a special fail-to-safe computer course in the domestic universities. Our company cooperated with listed companies to develop a fail-to-safe computer based on 2-out-of-2 and 2-out-of-3 architectures, which has passed the SIL4 certification and has been applied in the rail transit signal systems.

Automatic fare collecting system

Automatic fare collecting system (AFC) is a computer system which realizes automatic ticket selling, automatic ticket checking and automatic fare clearing of urban rail transit. Including automatic ticket machine, automatic recharge machine, automatic ticket checking machine (gate machine), station system, line system, ACC system. It can support one-way ticket purchase, cash payment, cash change, bank card payment, intelligent identification of passengers in and out of the station, direct entry of small wallet in the bank, IC card recharge, clearing and settlement of different forms of transportation and other functions.

The automatic fare collecting system jointly developed by our company and listed enterprises has advanced technology and good reliability, and the comprehensive failure rate is at the best level in China. It has been successfully applied to more than 10 subway lines such as Hangzhou Metro Line 1, 2 and 4, Ningbo Metro Line 1 and 2, etc.

In this direction, we undertook hangzhou's key science and technology project "Research and development and industrialization of automatic ticket booking equipment for comprehensive transportation network", and achieved a number of research results. In addition to urban rail transit, the system can also be used for high-speed rail, intercity rail, bus and other transportation systems.

Urban rail transit network NCC system

With the construction of urban rail transit lines, urban rail network has been formed in most key cities. In order to realize the scheduling and control of the whole network, it is necessary to build the central dispatching and control system of the network. The dispatching control system of line network center is a comprehensive command platform integrating operation monitoring, data sharing and emergency command functions, which can realize real-time monitoring and management of road network video, driving, power supply, passenger flow, disaster and other information. Entrusted by the customers, our company has successfully developed the dispatching control system of the line network center, including the communication control system of the line network center and the automatic dispatching system of the line network center, which has been successfully applied to the subway network of many cities.

Subway obstacle detection system based on computer vision

The existing ATP (automatic train protection) of urban rail transit can only realize the protection between trains and the distribution of moving authorization, but it is difficult to realize the detection and identification of obstacles on track. At present, subway obstacles rely on drivers to look out from a distance, so there are many problems such as limited visual Angle and eye fatigue. The subway obstacle detection system based on computer vision developed by our company can replace human eyes to realize remote observation and give early warning of possible obstacles on the track. The system is mainly divided into three modules: track limit extraction module, image retrieval module, obstacle detection module based on comparison. Track limit extraction, which combines traditional track line detection with deep learning track line detection algorithm, realizes track line detection and obtains track limit through its outward expansion. Image retrieval module, input the current frame to the reference image library to find the most similar corresponding frame. By comparing similar images, the system can locate and identify obstacles. In order to realize real-time processing, CUDA acceleration is introduced into some algorithms. The image processing and artificial intelligence technologies applied by our company in this project have good robustness and achieved high accuracy. The practical results show that the system can accurately detect and warn the obstacles in front of the train.

Key technology of interoperable comprehensive test of urban rail transit

This project is a national major project undertaken by our team in cooperation with important domestic enterprises and institutions of higher learning. With the development of urban rail transit, the system is becoming more and more complex, and there are a lot of designed subsystems, which are designed and manufactured by different manufacturers. To ensure the reliable operation of urban rail system, it is very important to ensure good interoperability and compatibility between these subsystems. However, it is very expensive and impractical to verify such interoperability in a real rail transit line. Therefore, it is necessary to build a test and verification environment based on the laboratory environment, the combination of virtual and real, semi-physical and semi-simulation, to comprehensively test and verify the interoperability of the subsystem of urban rail transit design, especially the software system. Our team undertook important research contents in this project and accumulated a lot of experience in the interoperability testing and verification of software systems, contributing to the smooth completion of this project.

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